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Helping women, and their partners, connect with passion, pleasure and purpose.

Psychotherapy and Sexual Health

Together we will look at your story as a person - where you may be stuck and struggling and what direction you want your life to take. My goal is for you to be empowered to own your sense of self-worth and become more fully alive, no matter what your circumstances.

Though the focus of my approach is psychotherapy, I endeavor to provide a holistic assessment, and we may also explore whether neurochemical or hormonal deficiencies or imbalances may be affecting your mental and physical health, and whether you may benefit from supplements or medication.

Our Story

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer accessible mental and sexual health services as important determinants of overall health and wellness.



Although mental health is defined as emotional and psychological well being, we know that the way we feel is very much influenced by many factors including our thoughts, behaviors, relationships, physiology and neurochemistry. Mental health determines how we handle change and stress, make decisions and relate to others.

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How we relate to ourselves and others sexually is an important determinant of health and wellness. I aim to validate sexual health and wellness as a right, not a privilege. We have the right to positively and comfortably experience our sexuality throughout all phases of the life cycle.

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I have been seeing Dr. Murynka for a few years now and I think she has been amazing. She is very easy to talk to, very caring and even helped with my father who had not seen a doctor in over 30 years and was quite nervous. She spends time with her patients and I trust her very much.
Lisa SmithCalgary- AB
Doctor Murynka has ideas to help that are new and innovative. She explains whatever needs to be explained. She refers to other specialists when necessary. I trust her judgement. She has been my doctor for nearly two years. She is friendly and approachable, and I enjoy the fact that she recommends lifestyle changes rather than simply resorting to writing a quick prescription. She's young, confident and capable.
Gerard ColinCalgary- AB
We have now been patients of this doctor for over two years, and have found her knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. She spends the time needed to answer our questions and has made life style suggestions that are useful as well. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring thorough doctor.
Tracy McDonaldCalgary- AB

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