Mental Health

Mental Health

Although mental health is defined as emotional and psychological well being, we know that the way we feel is very much influenced by many factors including our thoughts, behaviors, relationships, physiology and neurochemistry. Mental health determines how we handle change and stress, make decisions and relate to others.

We work with adults who may be suffering with:

Effects of chronic stress
Chronic stress is implicated in both cognitive and mood disorders, as well as most chronic medical conditions. read more

Navigating the changes of hormone cycles and menopause
The variations in hormone cycles through the family life span or known to affect mood and cognition. read more

Major life changes
Adjusting to change can feel overwhelming, particularly if life changing events such as a chronic or terminal diagnosis or the death of a loved one requires finding a new normal. read more

First, is important to investigate for any hormonal imbalances that may be making the sensation of anxiety worse.. read more

The two cardinal signs of depression, otherwise known as a Major Depressive Episode (MDE), are low mood and/ore loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities, for at least a two week period, accompanied by.. read more

Attention deficit disorders
When difficulty in focusing, organization, time management, impulsivity and emotional regulation impair function. Although symptoms and dysfunction related to ADD must be present before the age of 12, it is not uncommon for this condition to not be picked up until adulthood. read more

Relationship conflict
As human beings we are wired for connection, and unhealthy relationships can impact all aspects of our health and wellness. read more

Substance misuse
When substance use is accompanied by loss of control and negative consequences. read more

Shame and low self-esteem
Shame is a normal part of the human experience, rooted in our need for connection, and fear of not being good enough or worthy of love and belonging. Shame is an intensely painful feeling that keeps us small, disempowered, and more likely to resort to negative coping strategies such as addiction, eating disorders, violence and suicide if we do not learn to how to manage it skillfully. read more

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