Major life changes

Major life changes

Dealing with Major Life Changes

“The only constant in life is change.”

Any life change can be overwhelming and stressful - from loosing a job, loosing a spouse or another loved one, a diagnosis, a separation of marriage, to moving, getting married, starting a new job or becoming a parent. It is especially hard to handle many changes at once, or change that is unwanted.

Change is a groundless space, floating formless between no longer and not yet. The process of feeling the grief, longing, fear, disappointment, shame, guilt, joy, and love that can go along with change, combined with uncertainty, is where the overwhelm can feel unmanageable. Being unable to move past the distress of the change can lead to an adjustment disorder.

The key to handling life’s transitions is the process of moving through emotions, into the opportunity change provides for rebirth and renewal. Change is a chrysalis to re-evaluate identities, to let go of what may no longer be serving in order to enter into an ever expanding sense of greater authenticity.

“Change is life. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”

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