Sexual Health

Sexual Health

How we relate to ourselves and others sexually is an important determinant of health and wellness. I aim to validate sexual health and wellness as a right, not a privilege. We have the right to positively and comfortably experience our sexuality throughout all phases of the life cycle.

As a Certified Sexual Health Clinician I have an interest in comprehensively caring for:

Female sexual health including under active desire and/or arousal, lack of orgasm and pain with intercourse
For too long female sexual function has been viewed as a privilege, not a right. 40% of women, and as many as 67% of women who are age 45-65, have sexual dysfunction. There are intervention that can help. Female sexuality is a complex entity that requires and responds well to a holistic assessment and rehabilitation plan. read more

The impact of medical and psychological conditions on sexuality
Conditions such as anxiety, depression, pregnancy, delivery, surgeries, cancer, diabetes, obesity and incontinence can impact the way we feel about our bodies and our sexual function. read more

Male sexuality
As many as 30% of men suffer from sexual dysfunction, primarily erectile dysfunction and less commonly disorders of ejaculation and desire. Each of these disorders responds well to rehabilitation. read more

Gay, lesbian and transgender sexuality
Societal norms can make the road to authentic gender and sexual expression a challenging and potentially traumatic journey. Every person deserves the right to embrace who they are and receive the support they need in that process. read more

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